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Israel is a place where hidden oases are tucked away amid windswept deserts, where rocky cliffs are carved by ancient rivers and where historical ruins lie within sight of modern architecture. A melting pot of religion, culture and spiritual depth, a Christian tour to Israel is far more than a typical vacation. It is a journey into the origins of belief—one that will connect your faith today with the depth and power of the Christian story.

For followers of Christ, a trip to the Holy Land is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a place that doesn’t just bring the Bible to life but adds a visual dimension to the beliefs you’ve staked your life upon. Its our honor to host this special week in Israel, as you make memories that’ll last a life time. We are partnering with Sar-El tour company who have been in business for over 20 years, and is of the leading agencies in Israel.

Tour Dates: January 30 - February 8, 2019 

Travel: Arrival date in Israel, January 30, 2019. Departure date from Israel, February 8, 2019. All flights must be booked by individual unless otherwise requested. If you would like to book your airfare tickets together as a group, please let us know after you have completed your registration. We will be reaching out to a travel agency to book group tickets.

Price: $1,875.00 (price is based on 1 person in a 2 bedroom occupancy)

Price includes: 10 days/9 nights in a 4 star hotel, daily breakfast and dinner, licensed and hand-picked tour guide, minimum taxes and gratuities, entrance fees to all sites, private group bus. Price also includes a 4% credit card charge at check out. If you would like to pay with cash/check, please use code: ISR19PRICEOFF at check out.

Price does NOT include: flights to and from Israel, individual airport transfers, medical coverage, most lunches, voluntary love offerings for guide & drivers. 

Deadline: Full payments and registrations are due by Friday, November 15, 2018

Tips during your Holy Land tour —  it's important to consider your Tour Guides and Drivers work very hard to make your tour an experience of a lifetime, and most of their annual income comes from the generosity of those they are serving during the tours. It is recommended that tour guides are given at least $6.00 per touring day per person, and drivers are given at least $4.00 per touring day per person. Please consider also hotel staff during your stay, and other staff that will support you during your tour.

Before you begin registration, please have your valid passport and payment ready. Passport must be valid for 8 months beyond the tour date.

After your registration is complete — please send a scanned or photo copy of your passport to

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Price includes a 4% credit card charge. If you are paying with cash or check, please use discount code: ISR19PRICEOFF

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day 1

Arrivals to Airport, Jaffo & Peters house (if time allowed) 

Prima City Hotel , Tel Aviv


day 2

Begin with a visit to Caesarea on the Mediterranean Sea, where Paul made his defense before Festus and King Agrippa prior to his final journey to Rome (Acts 25‐26). Look out over the Valley of Jezreel from the heights of Mount Carmel. On this mount, Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18). Visit Megiddo and the Valley of Armageddon (Revelation 16). 

Lake House , Tiberius


day 3

Begin at the Sea of Galilee and arrive at Capernaum. Stand in the ruins of the synagogue built atop the remains of the one in which Jesus taught.Visit the peaceful Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5‐7). Cross the waters of the Sea of Galilee aboard a sailing boat, enjoy a St. Peter's Fish lunch. Continue to Yardenit Baptismal site for water baptism. Stop at Magdala, where it is believed that Jesus healed Mary Magdalene from 7 demons, then continue to Tabgha, best known for Christ’s miraculous multiplication of loaves and fish to feed a multitude. It is also remembered for Jesus’ third appearance to his disciples after his resurrection when he tested and commissioned St. Peter as leader of his Church.

Lake House , Tiberius


day 4

We will learn about the significance of Golan Heights in the political and biblical aspect. Drive by Mt Hermon, the highest point inside Israel’s borders, and it is quite possible that the Transfiguration took place somewhere on the slopes of this mountain. Visit Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus traveled with His disciples and where nearby Peter proclaimed to Jesus, "You are the Christ!" (Matthew 16). Visit Tel Dan- a nature reserve and the source of the Dan and Jordan rivers.

Lake House , Tiberius


Day 5

Visit the ruins of Beth Shean where you will tour the impressive excavations of Scythopolis, one of the ten cities of the Decapolis. Journey south through the Judean Wilderness to Qumran. This settlement located in the northern area of the Dead Sea is famous for being near the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Continue to En Gedi,  the largest oasis along the western shore of the Dead Sea.  Ein Gedi served as one of the main places of refuge for David as he fled from Saul. David “dwelt in strongholds at En Gedi” (1 Sam 23:29). 

Hod Hamidbar, Dead Sea


Day 6

Continue along the Dead Sea to the Herodian fortress of Masada. Here, Jewish zealots held out against the Romans encamped below until the walls were breached. In an act of defiance against the anticipated slavery and slaughter, the group committed mass suicide, denying the Romans their “prize.” Following this, we’ll stop at Genesis Land for an authentic lunch with Bedouins as they would in the times of Abraham. Arrive closer to Jerusalem city and stop for a view of Mount Scopus where you will have a spectacular view of all Old City.  

Prima Kings, Jerusalem


Day 7

Stand on the Mount of Olives, where Jesus ascended into Heaven forty days after His resurrection and take in the remarkable view of the city of Jerusalem.  Jesus foretold his Second Coming here (Matthew 24:27-31). Visit the Garden of Gethsemane and pray among the olive trees. Walk along the Cardo, the ancient marketplace where sights and sounds of modern shops mingle with ruins dating back to the Judean monarchy. Visit the Pool of Bethesda and walk the Via Dolorosa, passing through the Ecce Homo Archway where Pontius Pilate displayed Jesus — beaten, crowned with thorns and clothed in a purple robe — to a hostile Jerusalem crowd with the words: “Behold the man” (“Ecce Homo” in Latin). End the day with a quick stop to visit to Stalactite caves.

Prima Kings, Jerusalem


Day 8

Explore the Western Wall Tunnel and the City of King David with an exciting journey through excavations, fortresses and passageways. Continue to the Southern Wall Steps. Look into Solomon’s Quarries– where the stones for the old city were carved to build the temple. Proceed to the restored Jewish Quarter of the Old City as you enter the Jaffa Gate, strolling past some of the sacred sites in religious history. End the day with a tour of the Memorial to the Holocaust at Yad Vashem.

Optional Evening : Sound and Light show at the David Tower Museum.

Prima Kings, Jerusalem


Day 9

Visit to the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum where the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed and the Model of Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple. Experience the Upper Room, site of the Last Supper before leaving Mount Zion. Visit St. Peter in Galicantu Church and Caiaphas’ House. Gather at The Garden Tomb for a Communion Service. Take time to reflect and celebrate the exhilaration of the resurrection of our Lord, followed by our remembrance of the agony of the cross at Gordon’s Calvary.

Prima Kings, Jerusalem


Day 10

Departure Day/transfer to the airport.


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